Training tomorrow’s talents to support your tech needs

Our Chargers are certified to work with in-demand platforms and technologies

Establishing a robust, diverse pipeline of top talent for your business or government organization is what 9brains does best.

To ensure we provide the best pipeline of U.S. – based tech talent, our industry landing instructors equip our Chargers with critical – up – to-date knowledge about cybersecurity, machine learning, the cloud and more.

Top Tech Force in Just 10 Weeks:

9brains invests time and energy into each and every one of our Chargers. This way, our clients know they’re getting the best pipeline of domestic talent—quickly and easily.

Serving Top Tech Organizations

9brains serves some of the fastest-growing tech organizations across the country—spanning financial services, insurance, and other regulated industries.

Building U.S.-based tech teams

9brains handcrafts full-fledged technology teams, each tailored to meet unique business needs.

With 9brains, your business will benefit from:

Instant access to skilled U.S. talent
Veteran military leaders with proper security clearance

Reduced overhead (no more pricey IT offshoring)

Increased efficiency and scalability

Boost Tech Talent, Not Costs

Partnering with 9brains helps your company cut down on fixed costs. With our tailored pool of highly qualified, domestic talent, you won’t have to worry about onboarding the wrong person—each employee will be ready to drive innovation from day one.


Understanding Veteran Talent

9brains is proud to support military veterans with the training they need to excel in the technical workforce. Today, the U.S. military is more diverse than ever—and not all veterans worked in combat career fields. As such, veterans often come prepared with plenty of on-the-job experience and training—and not just in technical fields. They’re even more likely to have a college degree when entering the workforce.

With no rank structure, veteran employees tend to work well in group settings. This makes them primed to step into leadership roles—and apply their mission-oriented approach to business-critical tasks.”