Innovative technical minds come from 9brains

Developing the next generation of work-ready, U.S.-based technical talent is our top priority.

Diversity Makes Us
Who We Are

At 9brains, diversity and inclusion are in our DNA. We train civilians and military alike to become apprentices and tech workers—both full and part-time. It doesn’t matter where they come from; we’ll work diligently to bring aspiring talent from entry-level to expert.

By hiring and nurturing a diverse pool of talent, you can develop a high-performing organization.

Meet the leadership team at 9brains:

Sravan Ankaraju: Sravan began his career developing large-scale transactional systems which apply various tree-based algorithms. After nearly 14 years at Microsoft, he now owns and operates both 9brains and Divergence Academy. He has a passion for education and business strategy.


Austin, TX